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Lord Sheikh launches CMF Yorkshire and Humber Branch

CMF Yorkshire

On Friday 5 July 2013, Lord Sheikh launched a CMF branch for Yorkshire & Humber at an event in Bradford which was well attended by grass roots members as well as leading members of the business and professional community and local leaders from the Conservative Party. Many different communities were represented.

There was an impressive array of speakers which included:

  1. Lord Sheikh, Chairman, Conservative Muslim Forum.
  2. Baroness Warsi, Senior Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs and Minister for Faith and Communities.
  3. Mr Mohammed Amin, Deputy Chairman, Conservative Muslim Forum.
  4. Mr Raja Najabat Hussain, who did more than anyone to make this event happen.
  5. Major Zahoor Baigh who opened the event with a Quran recitation.
  6. Mr Iftikhar Ahmed, President, Bradford Conservative Association.
  7. Mr Allah Ditta, Assistant Treasurer, Bradford Conservative Association.
  8. Councillor Glen Miller, Leader of the Conservative Group on Bradford Council.
  9. Mr Chris Rowell, Chairman, Conservative Future Yorkshire and Humberside.
  10. Mr Jason Aldiss, Chairman, West Yorkshire Conservatives.
  11. Mr Philip Allott, Parliamentary Candidate for Halifax.
  12. Mr Gerry Yates, Regional Conservative Party Chairman, Vice-President of the National Convention.

The vote of thanks was given by Mrs Itrat Ali.

CMF Fundraising Dinner

CMF Fundraiser pic

On Wednesday 1st May 2013, the Conservative Muslim Forum held a fundraising dinner at Bundu Khan Restaurant.

The dinner was attended by distinguished guests including:

1) Lord Sheikh,

2) Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon,

3) Lord Popat,

4) Bob Neil MP,

5) Syed Kamall MEP and,

6) H.E. Mrs.Elizabeth Harding, High Commissioner for Gambia.

The evening included a full three course dinner with live entertainment and a raffle. Syed Kamal MEP also presented certificates to the team that won the quiz on the European Union during the recent CMF trip to the European Parliament

The dinner was well oversubscribed and unfortunately some people had to be turned away.

CMF Health Event

286.jpg Resized


Conservative Muslim Forum Health branch held an event in the House of Lords titled “GYNAECOLOGICAL TRAIL OF EVENTS IN ASIAN WOMEN’S HEALTH”.

The talk was held by Dr Surraiya Zia and covered specific problems relevant to women’s health, how cultural and religious awareness issues affect the provision of services and the help and advice available in some areas and the lack of it in other areas.

Birth rate amongst immigrants, infertility, malignancy, lack of midwives of ethnic origin and the way forward were also discussed.




CMF Eid ul Adha Event

The Conservative Muslim Forum held an event at 7 Millbank to celebrate the Muslim festival of Eid ul Adha. At the event there were speeches by Lord Sheikh, the Rt. Hon. Eric Pickles MP, Baroness Nicholson, Lord Singh, Gavin Barwell, Syed Kamall MEP and Dr Rami Ranger. Lord Sheikh in his speech said that Eid ul Adha amongst the Jews, Muslims and Christians and referred to similarities between Islam and other religions. He also mentioned about equality in Islam and that the religion promotes peace amongst all people.

Conservative Party Conference 2012 – Conservative Muslim Forum Stand

Lord Sheikh, as the Chairman of the Conservative Muslim Forum, was present at the Conservative Muslim Forum at the Party Conference in Birmingham. He met and greeted a number of senior politicians and members of the Party from across the country. He is seen in this picture talking to Rt. Hon. Eric Pickles MP, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.

CMF Health Event on Cardiology and Nutrition

The Conservative Muslim Forum organised an event on Heart Disease and Obesity at the House of Lords on 20 June 2012.  The event was co-chaired by Lord Sheikh (chairman of the CMF) Dr M Farrukh Hussain, consultant psychiatrist and chair of CMF Health.  Dr Shakeel Qureshi, a renowned Consultant Cardiologist at St Thomas’s Hospital and of Pakistani origin gave a presentation using PowerPoint on different types of heart diseases, their reasons, treatments and the latest advances and developments in his field of work.

The presentation covered the diagnosis of heart diseases and their treatments.  Dr Shakeel said that the incidence of heart diseases in people of South Asian origin is higher than in other communities in the UK.  He added that fatty foods and static life styles are responsible for that.  The presentation also covered the diagnosis of heart diseases in unborn babies and the latest techniques for their treatment in situ.  The session ended with an interesting, informative and knowledge enhancing Q & A session.

The nutritionist, Mr Phil Veasey, talked about the escalating challenge of obesity, especially among UK Asians and its causes and solutions.  He gave a description of his MEND programme (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition…Do It!) and its application resulting in the achievement of good results in the Asian community amongst youth in East London.  He also gave an overall picture of the problem of obesity, with the help of a PowerPoint presentation, to drive home the points relevant to overweight individuals and how this leads to ill health and diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and stroke.  There were very useful and relevant questions from participants.  As a token of the CMF’s thanks, Lord Sheikh presented both speakers with mementos of their visit to House of Lords and their useful presentations.

In the picture, Lord Sheikh is seated in the centre, and on his left are Dr Hussain, Dr Qureshi and Mr Veasey.

CMF Health – visit by Rt. Hon Andrew Lansley CBE MP

The Conservative Muslim Forum held a meeting last year when the Secretary of State for Health Andrew Lansley outlined the Government’s proposals for major changes in the NHS and its service delivery.  Lord Sheikh, who is the Chairman of the CMF, invited him back to speak at our event on 13th June 2012 for update on the proposed changes.

Opening the meeting, Lord Sheikh said that major and fundamental changes were much needed for the good of everyone’s health and this has been achieved by the Health & Social Care Bill becoming law.

Dr Farrukh Hussain, Chair of the Health Group of CMF and also Chair of the Pakistani Professionals’ Forum introduced the speaker to the room which was full with a keen audience.  He said that Andrew Lansley had succeeded in the face of great opposition from the Nurses Union, the BMA, GPs, Hospitals, Doctors and Consultants, in fact from the entire medical establishment.  He deserved full credit for that achievement.

The Health Secretary highlighted that tele-health will support the redesign of health services, stating that “Tele-health is not just the technology; it’s the way to redesign the service.”

He added that strong leadership would be needed from within the service for the changes and involving a GP & Clinical Led Patients and Intelligence Directorate, a National Commissioning Board, and a Special Health Authority.

The future is in computers and monitors on the desks of all GPs.  One for accessing databases such as patient records; the other for remote consultations to make life easier for both doctors and patients by sharing records electronically between GPs and consultants. The sharing of records will allow consultants to email a provisional opinion within 24 hours, and that technology will continue to change medicine further.  There could be such changes as consultations via video-link.

He assured the audience that the health commissioning process is on track and that the NHS budget is not to be cut. Instead savings will be made to help increase spending on NHS facilities in the areas and specialities which need to be developed to improve health facilities.

In the picture above, Andrew Lansley is speaking with Lord Sheikh on his right and Dr Hussain on his left.

CMF host Abrar ul Haq

The Conservative Muslim Forum invited the renowned asian pop singer and philanthropist Abrar Ul Haq to speak at the House of Lords about his musical career and charitable work.

The event was chaired by CMF Youth Chairman Raza Anjum who noted that Abrar had received support for his social work from the British Council. Lord Sheikh, Chairman of the Conservative Muslim Forum, highlighted how Abrar had opened a 250 bed hospital in rural punjab in order to provide free medical treatment to underprivileged members of society.

In his speech Abrar spoke about his career and his humanitarian work which includes providing shelter to tens of thousands of displaced people as a result of natural disasters. Abrar also entertained the packed audience by singing a few of his most famous songs. The event was thoroughly enjoyed by all and was attended by the Attorney General, Dominic Grieve QC MP.

Conservative Muslim Forum Eid ul-Adha Function

The Conservative Muslim Forum, chaired by Lord Sheikh, held a function at Westminster House, 7 Millbank to celebrate the Muslim Festival of Eid-ul Adha which is held to commemorate the willingness of Prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice his son for Allah.

The Chief Guest was the Rt. Hon. Andrew Mitchell MP (Secretary of State for International Development). The other VIP guests who attended and spoke were Baroness Sayeeda Warsi (Minister without Portfolio & Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party), Lord Tariq Ahmad, Dr Rami Ranger MBE, Syed Kamall MEP and Imam Asim Hafiz (Imam of the Armed Forces).

The Quranic recital was made by Imam Asim Hafiz who recited Surah Maryam (Chapter on Mary, mother of Jesus). The event was very well attended despite the inclement weather and student protests! The attendees included community leaders and members of various racial and religious groups.

Please click here to view more photos of the event in the Gallery.

Conservative Muslim Forum Eid Milad-un-Nabi Function

The Conservative Muslim Forum held a reception and buffet dinner at Westminster House, 7 Millbank to celebrate the birthday of the Holy Prophet (peave be upon him). The event was very well attended with well over 100 people in attendance.

Edward Garnier MP (Shadow Attorney General) was in attendance and spoke at the event. Dominic Grieve MP (Shadow Secretary of State for Justice) also attended the event and said a few words.

Lord Sheikh (Chairman of the Conservative Muslim Forum) spoke about the importance of community cohesion amongst other things and highlighted the similarities between the major religions.

Dr Rami Ranger MBE, a Sikh community leader, also spoke at the event and stressed that people of all faith need to unite and respect other religions. There was also a recitation by Sheikh Zymer Salihi of the Kosovo Islamic Centre and a Nasheed recital by Sheikh Ahmed Tijani which was very much appreciated by the attendees. Mohammed Amin was the MC for the event.