MBA Masterclass Lecture at University of Hertfordshire

Lord Sheikh delivered a Masterclass lecture to MBA and other business students at the University of Hertfordshire. His subject was “How to achieve success”. Lord Sheikh talked about his business career and how, in his view, people can achieve success in their commercial work.

He talked about the principles which he has followed in his business life which include:

  1. Build a strong team
  2. Have a vision
  3. Be innovative
  4. Look for new opportunities
  5. Produce the right product which provides value for money and is appropriately priced
  6. Have an active marketing strategy
  7. Have service standards and maximise use of technology
  8. Deal with complaints
  9. Ensure there is effective communication
  10. Keep your word

The session was very interactive and after the talk there was an open session where a number of issues were discussed. The lecture was very well attended and the photograph shows Lord Sheikh with some of the attendees.