IPSA Dinner in House of Lords

Posted by LordSheikh

Lord Sheikh hosted a  Golden Jubilee Dinner in the House of Lords for the International Professional Security Association (IPSA). There were speeches by Lord Sheikh, Patrick Somerville, Justin Bentley and Patrick Rabbitts. There also was a presentation made to Patrick Rabbitts.

Lord Sheikh said:

“About 30 years ago I had the idea of setting up an insurance scheme for the security industry, but we wanted to ensure that our clients followed certain standards and these included that they have appropriate vetting procedures and adequate training of staff. I also felt that we needed to become an integral part of the security industry, and work closely with the professional organisations and the press. I therefore made contact with Pat Rabbits, and the first time I met him was at a security exhibition held at Sandown Park Racecourse.”

“Our relationship with IPSA grew from there, and we formed a strong bond. I used to go to dinners organised by IPSA, while Pat was often our guest at various functions. In addition to my working relationship with Pat, there was an excellent rapport between our respective staffs. I was very impressed by the standards set by the Association for its members, and also by the training facilities and schemes provided.”

“The Association’s purpose has been to improve the status of its individual members, by providing opportunities for training and the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experience. It also seeks to foster high professional standards by all IPSA members through its company membership scheme, inspections and conformity with relevant standards documents – in particular British Standards – and its Ethnical Code of Conduct. The Association has no Trade Union or political connections or aspirations.”

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