Guru Nanak International Educational Trust

Posted by Lord Sheikh

The Guru Nanak International Educational Trust was established in 1996 and has the objective of providing education and financial support to less fortunate children. The Trust places emphasis on the importance of education and using education to break the poverty cycle often found in poor communities.

The Trust operates in Britain and India and has opened Bhai Baaz Singh School in Ludhiana which has over 600 students and the Trust also supplements the Elementary Public School in Ajowal, Hoshiarpur.

Lord Sheikh notes that the work Mr Ranjit Singh OBE, Chairman of Guru Nanak International Educational Trust, undertakes is to be very much appreciated. Mr Ranjit Singh OBE also founded and is the Chairman of the Sikh Forum International which is a robust organisation undertaking inter alia, charitable and educational activities. Lord Sheikh is a Patron of the Sikh Forum International.

The Trust has achieved remarkable results for children and their families. Lord Sheikh is very much supportive of what Mr Ranjit Singh OBE does to help the community and especially the furthering of children’s education. Lord Sheikh has an academic background himself and therefore places a great deal of importance on educational activities. In fact, his coat of arms reflects these values.


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