READ Foundation

Lord Sheikh has agreed to be a patron of the READ Foundation. The READ (Rural Education and Development) Foundation is a not-for-profit civil society organisation which implements quality educational and welfare projects, primarily enhancing opportunity and life skills for underprivileged children and orphans in Pakistan. Lord Sheikh spoke at a dinner organised by the READ Foundation asking people to make donations for this worthwhie cause. He made a donation to the charity on the night and urged the attendees to contribute a suitable sum to the Foundation.

Lord Sheikh, who has previously been a visiting university lecturer, strongly expressed the value of education and he emphasised that education is the key to future success. He also appealed to the parents of Muslim children in┬áthe UK to take an active interest in their children’s education as he felt that parental involvement is important for the advancement of their children.

Updated: 29/01/2009 — 5:39 PM