Lord & Lady Sheikh’s Holiday to UAE and Oman

Posted by LordSheikh

Lord & Lady Sheikh went to Dubai and Muscat over Christmas and the New Year period. They attended the New Years Eve Gala Dinner at the Hatta Fort Hotel in the United Arab Emirates.


The above picture was taken at the dinner by Fareed Shaikh who was employed by the hotel to take the photographs. Lord Sheikh spoke to Fareed who is a budding young entrepreneur and found out that one of Fareed’s ambitions is to be successful in business and purchase a Bentley.  

Lord Sheikh is very keen to guide and mentor future business leaders and he discussed with Fareed the various traits of a successful businessman which include having a vision, being innovative, taking immediate action on opportunities when they appear, building a strong team and the need to always be honest and hard-working. Lord Sheikh further said to Fareed that he will publish his photograph on his website and watch Fareed’s progress in the future.


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