Global Peace and Unity Event

Posted by LordSheikh

Some of you may have attended the Global Peace and Unity Event which was held at the Excel Centre on 25th and 26th November 2006 when there was an attendance of 40,000 persons. The Conservative
Muslim Forum had presence at the event and we had a stand which was manned by a number of our members. We were very heartened by the number of visitors who came to our stand and we were able to explain the activities of the Conservative Party and the Conservative Muslim Forum. There was general satisfaction with our activities and a number of attendees in fact enrolled as members of the Forum.

At the Global Peace and Unity Event our Chairman Lord Mohamed Sheikh spoke to an audience of over 20000 and the event was televised worldwide. Lord Mohamed Sheikh referred to his Coat of Arms which
incorporates his motto ‘Iqra’ and two doves. By inclusion of these Lord Sheikh would like to emphasise the importance of education and the fact that Islam is a religion of peace. He emphasised the need to promote peace and harmony amongst all the communities and referred to the fact that according to the holy Koran Muslims, Christians and Jews are
people of the book and that there are more similarities then differences between people. He also emphasised the need for Muslims to be involved in political activities as by doing so we can exercise influence in the policies of the country.

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