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Conservative History Journal: Sir Mancherjee Bhowanggree

Posted by Lord Sheikh

Lord Sheikh’s article on Sir Mancherjee Bhowanggree featured in the 2020 Autumn edition of the Conservative History Journal. 

Sir Bhowanggree was the first Indian Conservative MP (for Finsbury Central, 1892-5) and has been described as a man of passion and conviction. His election came as a shock to many, but Sir Bhowanggree successfully captivated poorer voters, largely on immigration issues. Whilst an MP, he made more than two hundred interventions or contributions to debates in the House of Commons during his parliamentary career, some three quarters of these concerned Indian affairs. 

This article follows the publication of Lord Sheikh’s second book ‘An Indian in the House: The lives and times of the four trailblazers who first brought India to the British Parliament’. 

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