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CMF Youth


Lord Sheikh hosted an event for CMF Youth where the guest speaker was Simon Woolley, Director of Operation Black Vote on the importance of ethnic minority participation in politics.

In his address Lord Sheikh said it was important that the BME community should get more actively involved in the political scene both at local and national level. The BME community now constitutes around 10% of the population. The total number of Parliamentarians in both Houses is about 1450 and the total number of Parliamentarians from the BME community is around 80. We would like to see at least 145 British politicians who are from the BME community. Lord Sheikh also stressed the importance of the BME to vote at the next general election and if they have not yet registered that they should do so immediately. He also emphasised that people from the BME community must also join and vote for the political party of their choice and not sit on the sidelines.

CMF Women


Lord Sheikh hosted an event for Conservative Muslim Forum Women’s branch entitled “Women: Empowerment and Political Representation”. The Rt. Hon. Justine Greening MP was scheduled to speak at the event but unfortunately was unable to do so as she was ill. Andrea Leadsom MP who is the Economic Secretary to the Treasury was fortunately able to attend instead and spoke about her experiences in politics.

Lord Sheikh said that he believed in the empowerment of women and at one time he was a visiting university lecturer and he found that his female students were very focused and determined and their achievement was better than their male counterparts. Lord Sheikh also appreciated the work Andrea Leadsom has undertaken on Islamic Finance as he is involved in Islamic Finance and in fact is the Co-Chair of the All Party Group on Islamic Finance.

CMF Eid ul-Adha Reception






The Conservative Muslim Forum held its annual Eid ul-Adha reception on 6 November 2013 in Conference Room E of Westminster House, 7 Millbank, London. The evening was well attended, with over 120 participants from Britain’s diverse communities. The diversity of the participants was reflected in the diversity of the speakers.

The Master of Ceremonies was CMF Executive Committee member Raza Anjum. As with all CMF events, we began with a Quran recital which was given by Imam Shakeel. The passage recited came from Surah Maryam, the 19’th Surah in the Quran which recounts the virgin birth of Jesus.

Speeches were given by:

  1. Lord Sheikh
  2. The Rt. Hon. Eric Pickles – MP for Brentwood and Ongar and Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government
  3. Kris Hopkins – MP for Keighley and Parliamentary Under-Secretary in the Department for Communities and Local Government
  4. Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne
  5. Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon
  6. Lord Popat of Harrow
  7. Lord Singh of Wimbledon CBE
  8. Dr. Rami Ranger MBE

CMF Deputy Chairman Mohammed Amin concluded the formal proceeding by giving the vote of thanks which was followed by a buffet dinner.

Lord Sheikh launches CMF Yorkshire and Humber Branch

CMF Yorkshire

On Friday 5 July 2013, Lord Sheikh launched a CMF branch for Yorkshire & Humber at an event in Bradford which was well attended by grass roots members as well as leading members of the business and professional community and local leaders from the Conservative Party. Many different communities were represented.

There was an impressive array of speakers which included:

  1. Lord Sheikh, Chairman, Conservative Muslim Forum.
  2. Baroness Warsi, Senior Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs and Minister for Faith and Communities.
  3. Mr Mohammed Amin, Deputy Chairman, Conservative Muslim Forum.
  4. Mr Raja Najabat Hussain, who did more than anyone to make this event happen.
  5. Major Zahoor Baigh who opened the event with a Quran recitation.
  6. Mr Iftikhar Ahmed, President, Bradford Conservative Association.
  7. Mr Allah Ditta, Assistant Treasurer, Bradford Conservative Association.
  8. Councillor Glen Miller, Leader of the Conservative Group on Bradford Council.
  9. Mr Chris Rowell, Chairman, Conservative Future Yorkshire and Humberside.
  10. Mr Jason Aldiss, Chairman, West Yorkshire Conservatives.
  11. Mr Philip Allott, Parliamentary Candidate for Halifax.
  12. Mr Gerry Yates, Regional Conservative Party Chairman, Vice-President of the National Convention.

The vote of thanks was given by Mrs Itrat Ali.

CMF Fundraising Dinner

CMF Fundraiser pic

On Wednesday 1st May 2013, the Conservative Muslim Forum held a fundraising dinner at Bundu Khan Restaurant.

The dinner was attended by distinguished guests including:

1) Lord Sheikh,

2) Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon,

3) Lord Popat,

4) Bob Neil MP,

5) Syed Kamall MEP and,

6) H.E. Mrs.Elizabeth Harding, High Commissioner for Gambia.

The evening included a full three course dinner with live entertainment and a raffle. Syed Kamal MEP also presented certificates to the team that won the quiz on the European Union during the recent CMF trip to the European Parliament

The dinner was well oversubscribed and unfortunately some people had to be turned away.

CMF Health Event

286.jpg Resized


Conservative Muslim Forum Health branch held an event in the House of Lords titled “GYNAECOLOGICAL TRAIL OF EVENTS IN ASIAN WOMEN’S HEALTH”.

The talk was held by Dr Surraiya Zia and covered specific problems relevant to women’s health, how cultural and religious awareness issues affect the provision of services and the help and advice available in some areas and the lack of it in other areas.

Birth rate amongst immigrants, infertility, malignancy, lack of midwives of ethnic origin and the way forward were also discussed.




CMF Eid ul Adha Event

The Conservative Muslim Forum held an event at 7 Millbank to celebrate the Muslim festival of Eid ul Adha. At the event there were speeches by Lord Sheikh, the Rt. Hon. Eric Pickles MP, Baroness Nicholson, Lord Singh, Gavin Barwell, Syed Kamall MEP and Dr Rami Ranger. Lord Sheikh in his speech said that Eid ul Adha amongst the Jews, Muslims and Christians and referred to similarities between Islam and other religions. He also mentioned about equality in Islam and that the religion promotes peace amongst all people.

Conservative Party Conference 2012 – Conservative Muslim Forum Stand

Lord Sheikh, as the Chairman of the Conservative Muslim Forum, was present at the Conservative Muslim Forum at the Party Conference in Birmingham. He met and greeted a number of senior politicians and members of the Party from across the country. He is seen in this picture talking to Rt. Hon. Eric Pickles MP, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.

CMF Health Event on Cardiology and Nutrition

The Conservative Muslim Forum organised an event on Heart Disease and Obesity at the House of Lords on 20 June 2012.  The event was co-chaired by Lord Sheikh (chairman of the CMF) Dr M Farrukh Hussain, consultant psychiatrist and chair of CMF Health.  Dr Shakeel Qureshi, a renowned Consultant Cardiologist at St Thomas’s Hospital and of Pakistani origin gave a presentation using PowerPoint on different types of heart diseases, their reasons, treatments and the latest advances and developments in his field of work.

The presentation covered the diagnosis of heart diseases and their treatments.  Dr Shakeel said that the incidence of heart diseases in people of South Asian origin is higher than in other communities in the UK.  He added that fatty foods and static life styles are responsible for that.  The presentation also covered the diagnosis of heart diseases in unborn babies and the latest techniques for their treatment in situ.  The session ended with an interesting, informative and knowledge enhancing Q & A session.

The nutritionist, Mr Phil Veasey, talked about the escalating challenge of obesity, especially among UK Asians and its causes and solutions.  He gave a description of his MEND programme (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition…Do It!) and its application resulting in the achievement of good results in the Asian community amongst youth in East London.  He also gave an overall picture of the problem of obesity, with the help of a PowerPoint presentation, to drive home the points relevant to overweight individuals and how this leads to ill health and diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and stroke.  There were very useful and relevant questions from participants.  As a token of the CMF’s thanks, Lord Sheikh presented both speakers with mementos of their visit to House of Lords and their useful presentations.

In the picture, Lord Sheikh is seated in the centre, and on his left are Dr Hussain, Dr Qureshi and Mr Veasey.